Welcome to the Blue House

Every child should grow up with a family.
Welcome to the Agape (Blue) House.

Anaciado & Yajaira

Anaciado, Yajaira and their beautiful family have joined our Josiah's House team and are now in the Blue House. They have 2 beautiful children Yasser, 4 years old and Easel's, 1 year old. The transition of these parents into the home has been nothing short of miraculous. They love the Lord and are working to get to know each boy individually. They are kind and humble and we are thankful to have them with us!

Words have the power of life! If you'd like to send an encouraging word to one of our children, simply click on the button below. All emails are filtered to keep them safe. 



Ricardo kind and a bit shy and he has the most beautiful smile. He came to us after being in another orphanage because he needs a forever home. We welcomed him into our family with cheers and clapping the day he arrived! The first days were difficult but he is doing great now! He likes to play sports and paint. .




Brian is 156years old and showed up at JH asking for help. We did what we could and eventually,  he came to live here with us.  From the very first day was happy and grateful to be here. He is energetic, happy, works hard, and loves learning and speaking English and he loves discussing the Bible.



Ribel is a bright young man with a. heart to serve. He came from a very difficult background and we are thankful he is here for us to be able to help him. He loves to sing, dance and play ball and sing. He attends Lemardo private Christian Academy where he is doing very well in his studies.

. We are excited to see God transform his life!



Yefferson is 16 years old and is the third child of four siblings that came to Josiah’s House after their mother passed. He is a very intelligent boy. He likes to meet people, talk, and play jokes. He is very loving and attentive to his sisters whom he loves immensely and is very grateful to be part of Josiah's House. Yefferson is attending Lemardo Christian school and excelling in his studies.



Valentin is 13 years old and is the middle child of his sisters Wanda and Zoe. He has a gentle spirit and the most beautiful eyes. He immediately adapted to Josiah's House and is thriving! He is attending Lemardo Christian school. He loves to play baseball. What a blessing it is to have this family all together here at Josiah's House!



Andres came to us from another children's home that has now become a home for only girls. He is sweet and grateful to be at Josiah's House. He attending Lemardo Christian school. .

He loves to play outside and swim.



Yuniel has a big smile and is quick to hug you every time he sees you. He is so excited for every meal, his foster parents and to have a big place to play. He is attending classes with our tutor here on campus. .

Yuniel loves to play basketball and swim.

Once hopeless, rejected, and forgotten, these boys are now loved, have purpose, and given a future.