Welcome to the Agape House

Every child should grow up with a family.
Welcome to the Agape House.


Fran and Aris Perez

Aris and Fran have been parents in the Agape House since 2012. They were our first set of house parents and have poured into the lives of many children with broken hearts,  helping them on their healing journey with Christ. Aris is in charge of the kitchen, lodging, cleaning, and is a member of the Entrance Committee for children being considered to enter Josiah’s House. Fran is in charge of maintenance and cares for the beautiful property at Josiah’s House. Fran and Aris are an incredible example of a healthy marriage and home for all the children here.

Words have the power of life! If you'd like to send an encouraging word to one of our children, simply click on the button below. All emails are filtered to keep them safe. 



Argenis is happy-go-lucky 16 year old with a huge smile. He attends a local Christian school where he is a great student. Argenis loves to cook as well as eat, and has become quite the artist. He loves to serve with us in our neighboring communities. If you are around Argenis very long, you will realize he loves to play practical jokes and has a great sense of humor.



Fernando is 17, and  is currently an 11th grader at the local private Christian school where he is in the top of his class in many areas. He has a contagious smile and a gentle spirit. Fernando is fluent in English and during the summers works as a translator for groups that come to Josiah's House and occasionally with Score International.  He loves all sports but baseball and basketball are his favorite.

Once hopeless, rejected, and forgotten, these boys are now loved, have purpose, and given a future.