Welcome to the Mercy House

Every child should grow up with a family.
Welcome to the Mercy House.


Mercy House

We are so excited to welcome Kavier, Sirleny, and little Samuel to Josiah's House!! They are our newest house parents, and they are taking care 6 boys in the Terra Cotta house. They have been married for 7 years and they have one son, 2 yr. old Samuel. Their family has had the opportunity to serve God on the mission field, here in the south of the Dominican Republic and also in Guatemala. Their desire as a couple is to glorify God by modeling Christ's relationship with His church and now at Josiah’s House.

Words have the power of life! If you'd like to send an encouraging word to one of our children, simply click on the button below. All emails are filtered to keep them safe. 



Ismael is 15, came to Josiah's House as a very sad, angry and confused boy. He has now grown into a young man full of joy and has developed a sweet disposition and an eagerness to learn. He is always the first to raise his hand to volunteer to pray, and he will quickly tell you how thankful he is to be at Josiah's House and how being here has changed his life.



Eliander, is 12, he is one of a 4 sibling set that came to Josiah's House after their mother passed. He lives with his older brother Jose Luis.His twin sisters Josefa and Josefina have now aged out of Josiah's House and Josefa is a part of our Hope Continues young adult program. Eliander has the most beautiful smile and big eyes that will melt your heart! He is fluent in English and helps with translating whenever needed. He attends Las Palmas Private Christian schools and makes excellent grades. He loves baseball and is now playing in a local Christian baseball program. 



Rafael is 14 years old. He is very friendly and he loves to talk with others and make new friends. He is very affectionate and is always ready to give a hug! Rafael is quick to tell others how grateful he is to live at Josiah's House and he shares openly what his life was before and after being at Josiah's House, with a very grateful heart. Rafael attends LeMardo Christian school. He loves any type of art, and this boy is growing so fast, he could be the tallest boy here soon!!


José Luis

Jose Luis, and is one of 4 siblings that came to JH, Eliander, his little brother lives in the house with him. His twin sisters Josefa and Josefina also grew up at Josiah's House and Josefa is now in our Hope Continues young adult program.  Jose  Luis is kind and has a servant's heart. He is the oldest in his home and is a great big brother!   He loves anything to do with electronics and sound. He attends Las Palmas Christian school, and he helps to keep our vans clean and maintained. 



Emmanuel is 12 years old and just joined Josiah's House a few weeks ago. He is a happy boy who is bursting with energy! He came to us from another orphanage and Josiah's House is now his forever home. Emmanuel is now playing baseball in a Christian baseball league and started classes in our Josiah's House homeschool tutorial preparing him to enter a private Christian school. He is adapting well, and we just love him!!


Jose' Carlos

Jose Carlos is 9 years old and is brand new to Josiah’s House. He was living on the streets and shows signs of long-term neglect and abuse. He has no education or social skills. This is why we do what we do!! In only a few short days we are seeing life in his eyes and a smile on his face. He will start classes this week with our homeschool on-site.

Once hopeless, rejected, and forgotten, these boys are now loved, have purpose, and given a future.