Josiah's House Hope Continues 

For our young adults who are turning 18 and moving off the Josiah's House campus, the heart & desire for them is HOPE CONTINUES. Many entered Josiah's House with little to no education or life skills. It's vital that they have the opportunity to finish high school so they can further their education and continue building upon skills they have been taught during their years at Josiah's House and attend a University or Technical College. Giving them the tools & support that they need to finish school, while also finding a job, sets them up for success. Without this brand-new program, HOPE CONTINUES, these incredible young adults would be thrust back into the very places where they came from before, Josiah's House. This is how you can come alongside the next generation of Dominicans, so they can help to change their country & make a difference! Will you consider partnering with the HOPE CONTINUES program for life after Josiah's House?


Words have the power of life! If you'd like to send an encouraging word to one of our young adults, simply click on the button below. All emails are filtered to keep them safe. 



Carlos was our first boy at Josiah’s House!  He came to us after his mother passed away and his older sister was no longer able to care for him. It has been a joy to watch him grow and become the amazing young man he is today! Carlos is now 20 years old and is the first young adult to join the Josiah’s House Scholarship Program for his transition. He now lives outside of Josiah’s House in an apartment and he just graduated High School and will be starting college soon in a local university. Carlos now works for Lilly House, in their Skating Rink. Lilly House is a ministry that helps women who have been prostitutes to come off the streets and have a life that is Christ-centered. He also is fluent in English and he translates for Josiah’s House and Score International occasionally. Carlos shas a quiet and gentle spirit, and a heart of worship.



Darlin is 19 years old. He has a gentle, quiet spirit and merged easily and quickly into the Josiah's House family. Darlin battled retinal blastoma as a child and today wears glasses and a prosthetic eye and is cancer-free, happy, and healthy!  Darlin is in the 12th grade at a private Christian School and is now in the Hope Continues Program. He hopes to go on to a University after he graduated High School. Darlin is fluent in English and translated for groups that come to JH as well as for Score International. He loves soccer, bicycling and he is also quite the artist! If you ask anyone they will tell you Darlin gives the best hugs!



Josefa, 19, and her twin sister Josefina were the first girls to live at Giovanna's House. They joined their siblings Eliander and Jose Luis on the campus at Josiah's House after their mother passed away. We were blessed to be able to reunite these siblings and keep this family together. Josefa is one of the first girls to join the Josiah's House Hope Continues Program and lives off-campus with a local missionary while the Hope Continues Campus is being built.  Josefa just graduated High School and was not only the first to graduate in her family but our first Josiah’s House graduate. We are working now on registering Josefa for college, she plans to study education. Josefa is quiet and gentle and we have had the pleasure of seeing her open up and blossom into the godly woman she is today.



Fernando is 18, and he is currently a 12th grader at the local private Christian school where he has been in the top of his class in many areas. He has a contagious smile and a gentle spirit. Fernando is fluent in English and during the summers works as a translator for groups that come to Josiah's House and occasionally with Score International.  Fernando works at Josiah's House in the water treatment are bottling safe drinking water for the campus, and he also runs a sports and activity program with the children at JH.  He loves all sports but baseball and basketball are his favorite. 

Your gifts make it possible for them to pursue adulthood with confidence, provision, and dedication.