Welcome to the Grace House

Every child should grow up with a family.
Welcome to the Grace House.


Jonathan & Kenya

Jonathan and Kenya Martinez came to Josiah’s House in 2019. They are the parents for Noel, Ronaldo, Teo and Yefferson, and they also have a biological daughter Dayanara. Jonathan also helps daily with the boys and transports the children to school. They love to share the gospel and show Christ through the love as parents.

Words have the power of life! If you'd like to send an encouraging word to one of our children, simply click on the button below. All emails are filtered to keep them safe. 

teo circle


Teo is 17 years old, he came to Josiah’s House when we found him in a local Village with no family and no place to live. Teo has some special needs including hearing loss, and he is unable to speak, which made it even more difficult for him to survive on his own. Teo has learned quickly to be a part of the Josiah’s House family. Teo is now happy, safe and healthy. He a school for special needs children and is learning sign language and ways to communicate. Teo loves to play soccer and can make a kite out of almost anything!



Noel is 12 years old. It was just a few days before Christmas when he arrived at Josiah’s House! Noel is a very special young man with a lot of energy and loves to be around people. Some of Noel’s favorite things are good food and Baseball. Noel came to us with many challenges, but is excelling in many areas as we work with him.



Yefferson is 10 years old, and is the youngest of three siblings that came to Josiah’s House after their mother passed. He is a very intelligent boy. He likes to meet people, talk, help with the housework and to have his room very organized. He is very loving and attentive to his sisters whom he loves immensely, and is very grateful to be part of Josiah's House.

Once hopeless, rejected, and forgotten, these boys are now loved, have purpose, and given a future.