Welcome to the Grace House

Every Child Should Grow Up With A Family. Welcome to the Grace House.


The Grace House

Nelson and Viviana are our parents in the Grace House girl's home! They are wonderful foster parents and so much fun. ! They are taking care of 8 beautiful girls in the Grace House.

Words have the power of life! If you'd like to send an encouraging word to one of our children, simply click on the button below. All emails are filtered to keep them safe. 



Esthenia (Esther) is 12 years old. She is very energetic and outgoing, and very loving and affectionate with others. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with her charm. She likes to swim, and in her spare time, she likes to play with her dolls and paint.



Wanda, on the right, is 16. She is the older sister of her 2 siblings Valentin and Zoe. Wanda came to Josiah's House after a very traumatic experience, and it is obvious that she has been responsible for her younger siblings. This has fostered in her a gift of leadership. She is always the first to befriend a new arrival or cheer on those who are struggling. She is incredibly smart and not afraid to learn something new. Wanda has been working hard with her studies and is now attending Lemardo private Christian school in the fall. 



Rebeca is 13 years old and is the oldest of 3 siblings here at Josiah's House. It became very clear to us immediately that she has been the caretaker for her 3 siblings. They came to us after they had been abandoned by their mother. She and her siblings have settled in well and Rebeca is a joy! She is energetic and is a leader she is made the transition with Vivian and Nelson's help from being a caretaker to just being a child.




Odmalina is the youngest of 4 siblings living here in Josiah's House. She came to us a couple of years after her siblings after much prayer. She and her siblings are true orphans and what a blessing to be able to keep them together. Odmalina is very tenderhearted and shy. She loves to be affectionate and she is doing great with the other girls in her home. She is attending Lemardo Christian school and is doing great.




Zoe Patricia is 9 years old and the youngest of her 3 siblings at Josiah's House. To say she has stolen our hearts is an understatement. Zoe is full of joy and energy and runs to give you a hug as soon as she sees you! She attends Las Palmas Christian school and is doing great, her English is improving quickly.  She loves to play soccer and sing. is a delight!!




Carmen, is 5 years old. She is the youngest of her siblings Rebeca and Andrea, and Luisa.  These precious ones were abandoned by their mother who is not able to care for them, and will now be a part of our Josiah's House family. Carman is talkative and loves to play with her sisters. She is attending Lemardo Christian school..



Andrea (on the left) is 8 years old, she is the middle child of 3 siblings living at Josiah's House. Andrea immediately settled into the Grace House family and she is quick to hug and greet you with a big smile!! She loves to sing, dance, and play with her sisters.



Luisa, is 6 years old. She is one of 4 siblings at Josiah's House in Grace House. Luisa came to us months after her siblings, we all prayed that the Lord would find her and bring her. Luisa came to us with severe malnutrition. She is tiny but strong! She has a big personality and she loves to laugh, eat and dance. She is gaining pounds and she was accepted to Las Palmas bilingual Christian School. No doubt, she won them over with her charm and tiny little voice. We thank God she is united with her sisters and part of our family!


Once hopeless, rejected, and forgotten, these girls are now loved, have purpose, and given a future.