Give the gift of family, future, & hope

We don’t take your donations lightly. 100% of your gift goes directly to Josiah’s House.

General Fund

From the basics like clothes, meals, and bedding, your gifts to the General Fund make a way for these children to live in a safe, family home environment and give them everything they need to succeed.

Sponsor a Child

From school tuition to every day necessities like clothing, food, and transportation, you can help these children and young adults thrive.
Providing solid education is incredibly important. Josiah’s House children and young adults are enrolled in the best schools so they can experience a safe learning environment and receive a better education than they could anywhere else in their area.
Your donation supports the skills they are learning in their early years that are an integral part of their future success.

Because of you, once hopeless, rejected, and forgotten children are now loved, given purpose, and have a future.

Thank you for making an eternal difference in these childrens' lives.