Meet the Team

Carrying out the mission of Josiah’s House together


Julio Vilches Nunez

Julio known as (Tio Julio) has been working at Josiah's House since 2013 where he started as a teacher for the children and a Spanish tutor for Bob and Diane Spencer. Julio has been the Administrator for Josiah's House for several years and has recently stepped into the roll as Director. Julio does everything with excellence and has a big heart for all the children. His passion is to create opportunities for the children to be able to develop fully and above all things to know Christ in a personal way.


Rosanna Ramirez Rosario
Finances & HR Manager

Rosanna has been working at Josiah’s House since 2014 as Finances and Human Resources Manager. She loves being a part of the beautiful vision with which JH has created, to give hope and bring restoration to the life of the children from the Dominican Republic. Rosanna is married to her wonderful husband Smaily and they have a two beautiful daughters.


Jaqueline Severino Moto

Jacqueline has been working as Psychologist with the families of  Josiah’s House since 2016. She is married to Julio Pichardo and has two beautiful children Julian and Jade. She loves being able to be a part of the healing process for the children at Josiah’s House and restore them to families.


Maria Todd
Social Worker

Maria Todd has been working at Josiahs House since 2017 as social worker helping the children stay connected with their biological family as well as a parent assistant. She loves being able to touch the hearts of children through her personal relationship with them. Maria has 2 sons Francisco and Victor and one grandson Julio.


Donna Boone

Donna, known as "Tia Donna" to the children at Josiah's House, first visited the Dominican Republic on a mission trip before Josiah's House was even finished. Her heart was immediately wrecked and changed in a positive way when she experienced the culture and the beautiful people here.  She knew she wanted to return any chance she could and has returned year after year bringing in teams to serve at Josiah's House and in the villages. Josiah's House holds a special meaning and place in her heart and each child that has come to live here has touched her heart in a special way. Her hope and dream for these children first and foremost is they would understand the love God has for them and come to know Him in a personal way.


Josiah's House School Teacher

Alejandra has been working at Josiah's House since 2013 teaching the children who come to Josiah's House, she is responsible for reinforcing their learning and to help them get ready to enter school outside of Josiah's House. She loves to see them grow and heal in body, heart, soul and intellect and to help them have a better quality life in Christ.


Johnny Senua
Security Supervisor

Johnny started at Josiah’s House in 2010 as a guard and grounds keeper and has recently become the Supervisor over Security. Johnny has three beautiful daughters.


Regis Ricardo Romain
Maintenance Assistant

Ricardo has been at Josiah’s House since 2014 as the Maintenance assistant. He assists Fran with keeping our grounds looking beautiful. Ricardo and his beautiful wife have one daughter.