Josiah’s House Scholarship Program

Josiah’s House Scholarship Transition Program

“Through the JH Scholarship Program, we are committed to support our 18+ year-old young men and women and help them with basic living expenses while they finish high school.  In addition, we hope to help them seek scholarships, jobs and financial aid so that they can further their education in a university or technical college…

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Victor, 18, lived on the streets most of his life. He stayed at Josiah’s House over a weekend in the Spring of 2012 and then we reconnected with him in the Conani (Child Protective Services) office that summer. He immediately came to live with us and he has been a delight. Victor is now living…

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Carlos was our first boy at Josiah’s!  He came to us after his mother passed away and his older sister was no longer able to care for him. It has been a joy to watch him grow and become the amazing young man he is today! Carlos is now 18 years old and is the…

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