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Mercedes is 11 years old. She is full of joy and loves to have fun. Mercedes loves to spend play and spend time with her sister’s at Giavanna’s House. She has a servants heart and loves to work with others in serving. Mercy also has many talents.

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Teo is 17 years old, he came to Josiah’s House when we found him in a local Village with no family and no place to live. Teo has some special needs including hearing loss, and he is unable to speak, which made it even more difficult for him to survive on his own. Teo has…

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House Parents: Pedro & Teresa

Pedro and Teresa have been working at Josiah’s House since 2017 as parents in Mercy House (better known as the Terra Cotta house). Their children are Jose Luis, Eliander, Euri, Eddy, and Ishmael. What they love most about working at Josiah’s House is seeing how God restores the life of every child that comes to…

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